Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Scoop on Healthy Living: Spin Class at Home!

I hope you feel like sweating because I have a quick but intense workout for you! A while ago I discovered my new favorite cardio routine, which can be easily done at the gym if you don't have the equipment at home. 


What to bring:

Smart Phone
Small Towel

Part One: Interval Running and Jogging

I start off my workout on the treadmill, jogging at a brisk pace. I am not a runner, nor can I run fast (seriously ... it's sad), so my goal is to jog a mile in about ten minutes. I find that if I jog before Part Two I am able to work harder and more effectively. I like to include short bursts of running, and return to a jog or quick paced walk. The important part is to warm up your entire body!


Part Two: Spin Bike

Below I've embedded a 20 Minute Interval Training Spin Class by the Global Cycling Network. I'm a total beginner to cycling so I find this video plenty challenging. Also, as soon as it gets easy, you can simply turn up the resistance on your bike to make it harder. Therefore, I think it's the perfect 20 minute cardio workout to work into your day! Check it out below and give it a try next time you're at the gym!

If you're new to this like me, then check out the video below for an explanation on the effort levels.

What's your favorite summer workout? Share it with me on Twitter @danielle0090.

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