Friday, June 14, 2013

Beauty Scoop: Pangea Organics Argentinean Tangerine & Thyme Facial Toner

Pangea Organics Argentinean Tangerine
& Thyme Facial Toner $26
I really love toners, especially during summer when I am constantly reapplying sunscreen. I feel like they provide the perfect base and can be a great afternoon skin refresher. However, I can't say all brands are the same. I definitely have my favorites.

Pangea Organics

The Good:
This toner's aroma is very calming and pleasant. When I have a headache, I like to spray it around me and it relieves in momentarily.

The So-So:
When I applied this, it makes my skin feel cleaner and refreshed. I let it dry before applying any other products and makeup, though, because when I don't, my skin doesn't feel like it can breathe. I may repurchase this eventually. For now, there are more affordable toners out there that I think are just as effective, but I enjoy the aroma of this toner over all the others I have tried.

The Bad:
Overall, I do not think the price of this product is justifiable. Unfortunately, I have tried quite a few products by Pangea Organics and have felt this way about most of them. The exception is their Facial Mask which I have repurchased a couple times.

Check out the Toner's by LUSH. They start at about $10 depending on the size you get. Even the most expensive size ($21) is cheaper than Pangea's $26 price tag.

What is your favorite toner? Share it below!

<3 Danielle


  1. Thanks Danielle for your honest opinion of our Toner! I am in love with the scent as well. I am delighted and proud to be part of the Pangea Organics movement! When you are ready to try other Pangea Organics products stop by my Organic Angels page:
    XOXO - Tami Hoffman – Beauty Ecologist #50610