Friday, May 31, 2013

My Month in Photos: May 2013

I spent all of May and June 2013 traveling around Europe in between classes for my study abroad program. I did create a travel blog called EuroScoop which includes photo blogs and some travel tips I've learned along the way (go check it out if you're traveling to London, Spain, France, or Italy soon!)

Without further adieu here is a photo journal of my trips from May -- I wish I could upload all my photos, but that would take a lifetime! I hope you enjoy them.

My journey began in Alicante, Spain:

From Alicante, I took the over night bus to Sevilla (which led to me taking part in my first siesta later that day)

Then I flew to Barcelona:

And popped over to Bilbao:

Next I spent a few days in London (which is where I studied): 

From there, I spent a few days at a friend's in Luxembourg:

I took a day trip by train from Lux to Trier, Germany:

And then I went back to London for more classes. That covers the cities I visited in May!  I'll post another "My Month in Photos" for June in July!

Thanks for reading The Scoop!

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