Friday, April 19, 2013

Beauty Scoop: Makeup Brush Care

Cleaning your make-up brushes regularly is important, not only to make them last longer, but also to keep your skin clean and clear. I have a few brushes that I use everyday that need to be cleaned once a week. The ones I use less frequently get washed once I notice they are dirty.

The cleansers I use for my brushes are the Bare Escentuals Well Care For Brush Conditioning Shampoo and Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. Both work perfectly well, but I find Purity conditions the brushes a little bit better.  Since you only need about a pea sized amount per brush, both will last you quite a long time.

First, I dampen the tip of the brush in the sink, and apply a tiny amount of the Purity to the bristles. I really work it in and then I wash it out thoroughly. Then I repeat this. After, I rinse the brush really well and gently squeeze out the water in the direction of the bristles. Then I shake the larger brushes (in the motion of cracking a whip) to get rid of any excess moisture. This allows the bristles to fall in their normal pattern instead of being squished all together.

Then I sit them in a mug by my window so that the extra air flow helps them dry out over night. I found that laying them on a towel resulted in my larger brushes still being damp in the morning.

Something else I started to do a while ago was to use a natural oil to deep clean my brushes about once every four normal washes. I first saw Kandee Johnson do this on Youtube with olive oil in 2009, but thought it would make my skin break out! It totally doesn't. It's actually super good for your brushes, because using them all the time can cause them to become dry and scratchy. Using a natural conditioner like olive oil restores that store-bought softness to the bristles. Since it takes a little more effort, I don't use oil every time. You can use olive oil (cheapest), avocado oil, or almond oil to clean your brushes. You can use coconut oil as well, but make sure you rub it together in your hands to melt it before rubbing it over the bristles. You watch Kandee Johnson's tutorial HERE.

What cleanser or shampoo do you use to wash your brushes? Share you tips at the new Scoop Facebook page! Or share it with me on Twitter!

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