Thursday, January 17, 2013

Food Scoop: Restaurant Spotlight - The Plant

Last week, I finally took the time to stop and eat at a cafe in San Francisco I walk by most days of the week. It's called The Plant and they offer organic cuisine that includes meat, seafood, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.

Inside it was loud with chatter and movement. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, although many customers took their food to go since it was too crowded. It seems to be a favorite lunch spot for many people in the financial district.

The cashier and waitress we interacted with were both very kind. They asked for our names and greeted us by them when we left the restaurant -- This was no small feat in crowded room!

The location I ate in was located on the corner of Front St. and Pine St. and had a line that weaved through the restaurant and out the door. That is always the first clue in San Francisco that a restaurent has great food, especially when it's not located on a main street. Their other locations are listed on their website:

I ordered the Quinoa Bowl (menu) and added the baked tofu. This meal was vegan and gluten free. The group of friends I was with ate outside, so we ordered the food to-go. The portion was perfect, I was able to finish it all without feeling uncomfortably stuffed. Most importantly, the food was delicious! The ginger sauce was perfect and I was very happy I had added the tofu. My friends ordered Swiss and Mushroom Plant Burger, the Green Curry, and the Spicy Red Thai Curry and were also very impressed. I look forward to trying more items on their menu. I think my next choice will be the Cobb salad or one of the plant burgers.

Parting Words
I would recommend this place to meat eaters and vegans alike -- one of the few places both can sit down and enjoy equally delicious meals!

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