Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty Scoop: CoverGirl Lineexact Liquid Eyeliner

CG LineExact
My new favorite eyeliner is CoverGirl Lineexact Liquid Eyeliner! For a few months I used Almay's Liquid Eyeliner Pen but I found that after just 2 to 3 weeks, the pen started to dry out and lose pigment. I'm just not interested in buying a new eyeliner every month.

I have tried three of the four shades of the CoverGirl Lineexact Liquid Eyeliner. I'll probably pick up smoke once my brown starts to dry out. These also dry out over time (like any liquid liner) but not as fast as Almay's pen. They seem to last a couple months before they need to be replaced. I would recommend Very Black as a starting color--it's definitely my favorite. Like the Almay liner, this one is also waterproof. However, I find it is much easier to draw cat eyes with this liner than the Almay.

What's your go-to eyeliner? Let me know below!

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