Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty Scoop: Almay Liquid Eyeliner Pen

This new eyeliner pen by Almay is my new favorite.
$7.50  Almay Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Honestly, I haven't had the best of luck with eyeliner pens in the past, so I was skeptical about this one.

I'm so glad I wasn't disappointed! This pen is SO easy to use. You can easily create winged liner or cat eyes with this and it is water resistant so there is no need to worry about it fading throughout the day.  Almay claims it lasts 16 hours.

I'd definitely recommend the black pen: it has a high quality, pigmented shade. The brown on the other hand is not very pigmented. I have not tried black brown so I cannot give you my opinion on that shade.

Bottom line: this liner is easy to use and rivals brands four times it's price! Definitely give it a try.

Money Saving Tip:
If you have a CVS card and are in the beauty club, then there was a coupon this week for $5.00 off Almay products when you buy two. It's very easy to save money at CVS if you have patience.  When I bought these liners (and some other stuff) I only paid $9 for over $40 of stuff because I saved my extra bucks and saved up my beauty coupons. When you get a CVS card, you are not automatically signed up for beauty savings. To get more of those coupons, sign up at the register! And if you want even more savings, give them your e-mail at the register and they will send you an extra coupon every week or so.  It's an amazingly easy way to save money if your a drugstore beauty junkie like me!

What's your favorite eyeliner and why? Tell me below!

♥ Danielle

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