Monday, May 09, 2011

Food Scoop: Yummy Spring Juice Recipe

Now that it's Spring and almost Summer, I've been craving more fruit based juices. This recipe is a blend of fresh and hydrating fruits and veggies. Even if you're a first time juicer I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

What you'll need:
3-4 Medium carrots
3-4 Celery sticks
1 Peach
1 Asian Pear

Rinse all fruits and veggies and scrub the carrots. No need to peel, but if you're a first time juicer and want to avoid the bitterness found in the skin, this is an option.  Just remember, there are tons of nutrients in the skin, so if you can it's best to leave it on.

If you didn't buy organic, you're going to need to skin the carrots and Asian pear (if you know how to peel a peach without boiling it then feel free to do this as well). Peeling non-organic fruits and veggies is how we avoid ingesting pesticides.  I usually cut off the top root area off of the carrot.  Depending on the size of your juicer's mouth, you may need to cut the fruit into smaller sections.  I cut the peach in half and the pear into quarters. Make sure you cut out the pit of the peach, and if you think you're juicer needs it, then slice out of the core of the pear as well.  I usually just get the seeds of the pear and leave in the rest.

Get your juicer ready, put your cup beneath the spout and start juicing. The juice should be bright orange and you should have around 16 oz. The color may change if you plan to keep it an hour or longer in the fridge. If you want the juice to maintain its color longer, then squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice on top and stir it in.

What's your favorite fresh juice? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Ooooh this looks great! I'm more of a smoothie person myself, I need to jump on this juice train!

  2. @Marlee
    Smoothies can be even better because they keep the fiber in that juicing takes out. If you don't mind the texture of blended veggies then you can easily make this a smoothie!