Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beauty Scoop: Mary Kay Satin Hands

I got the Mary Kay Satin Hands kit as a gift from my landlady, she's so sweet!
[From Left to Right]
Extra Emollient Night Cream;
Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub;
Hand Cream
I honestly never realized how rough my hands were until I started using this a few days ago. They are much smoother since I've been using this. This kit runs around $30 depending on where you get it.  Maybe you're local Mary Kay girl can give you a deal! The scrub smells so peachy and yummy.  The other two don't really have a scent, as far as I can tell, but the scrub certainly makes up for it.

How I used it:
First i applied the emollient cream all over my hands and let it sit for a few minutes. I later saw the main ingredient in the emollient is petrolatum and research suggests that petrolatum may not be as safe as we once thought (it's probably a carcinogen, yikes!).  The next two times I used it, I skipped the first step and it worked just as great.  

Next, I used the scrub over the emollient. I massaged it over my hands for a minute or two and then I rinsed it off in the sink.  I followed with the hand cream and was left with smooth looking and silky feeling hands. Overall I really love this product and I'll definitely be using the scrub and the hand cream regularly! My favorite item from this kit is the scrub.

Also, even though it says it's for "satin hands", there's no rule that says you can't use it on your feet too. It's great for manicure or pedicure prep and has that perfect summery scent!

Takeaway: If you have dry hands/feet, I would definitely make a scrub and cream combination a part of your daily routine.

Other options:
If this price is a little steep for you, then you have other options. Check out The Body Shop for one of their fruity scrubs and use whatever hand cream you have on hand. Don't care for fruity scents? DIY with some brown sugar, honey and olive oil! [CLICK HERE for some great DIY scrub recipes!] You can even use some olive oil as an "emollient" for a minute or two before applying the scrub.

I'd love to hear what your solutions for dry hands are, or if you have any DIY scrub recipes that you've tried. Feel free to comment them below, or post a link to your video if you're a Youtuber.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day <3


  1. Instead of silky hands I use the following:
    1. Vaseline-apply to hands
    2. Bath and body works mango and coconut scrub-apply over vaseline and massage for 2 minutes then rinse in warm water
    3. Johnson 24 hour moisturizing lotion apply after drying hands

    Result-same as silky hands but for only 10.00 or less!
    Warning-this can become addicting as I now do it as part of my bedtime ritual! Enjoy

  2. @Crystal C. Thanks for the tips Crystal! I'll give it a try-- The mango coconut scrub sounds way too good to pass on!

  3. I love the Mary Kay Satin Hands set and it a part of my self care pampering. The vaseline is to greasy for me.

    1. I agree about the vaseline, I now use coconut or avocado oil for the first step. I prefer avocado, because it's thicker, but it is more expensive.