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Beauty Scoop: Liquid Foundations for Oily Skin

If you've read 'The Facts' page above, then you know I have fair, combination skin. My T-zone gets very oily throughout the day, while the rest of my skin is normal, or even dry at times. I have tried SO many liquid foundations and honestly, if I could, I would forgo them all together and just use a powder or mineral foundation. But, I have redness around my nose and chin areas so I do need some sort of foundation or concealer to take care of that. 

As far as primers go, most of them are too thick for my sensitive skin and make me break out.   Primers can make my makeup look great for the first hour, but after that, my skin tends to feel irritated and gets oily. I do use an eye primer, but that's completely different.

The foundations I do like to use for oily skin are the Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation by Make up For Ever and Clean Liquid Makeup Oil Control by Covergirl.

My color: No. 15 Alabaster
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet $34
This is by far my favorite foundation I have ever used.  I will say however, if you have dry skin, you'll probably hate it. For those of you with oily skin or normal skin, you'll love it! I first heard about this on MakeupByTiffanyD's Youtube channel when she was discussing her foundation routine. She also has an oily T-zone and she raved about it, so I decided to try it. I'm so glad I did!

It matches my skin perfectly, which is so rare for me. This foundation also has really good staying power and it covers imperfections pretty well. I do still need concealer on the corners of my nose and under my eyes, as this doesn't correct those areas for me.  It is supposed to be a full coverage foundation, but I find it looks pretty natural. 

I like to apply a thin layer with my fingers and gently pat it into my skin.  I haven't tried building it for more coverage, because I generally don't like how that feels, but for a night out it would be possible. So far, I haven't noticed this foundation causing me to breakout. It definitely matifies, but I like to set it with my Bares Essentials Mineral Veil. It doesn't stop oil production (because that would take a miracle), but my skin seems much better with it on and I need to blot less throughout the day. It's a pricey foundation for me, but a little goes a long way--and like I said, I only apply a thin layer and it does the trick! I'm not sure how I feel about the bottle it comes in. I don't like pump bottles, but sometimes it's hard to get the amount I want out of this small tube spout.

Takeaway: Must have for those with oily skin. Dry Skin types may want to pass. Good shade selection and a little bit goes a long way with this product.

Drugstore Alternative:
CG Clean Liquid Makeup, 
Oil Control $6
My Shade: 505

This is the foundation I used before Make Up For Ever. It is a good foundation for under ten dollars, but the problem I have with many liquid foundations is how they darken awhile after they has been applied.  When I first apply this shade, it looks flawless and matches my skin perfectly. However, within a hour or so, it darkens to a shade or two darker.  I have this issue with a lot of brands because of my oily skin.  The skin's natural oils can react with the foundation, causing it to become a more orange pigment or in my case, a darker pigment. This can happen with anyone, but obviously more oil means it is more likely to happen.  I don't have this problem with Make Up For Ever.

If you want to try this CG foundation, try a shade lighter than you normally would to avoid the darkening--unless you're like me and the lightest shade will be too dark once oxidation sets in. This foundation doesn't matify like Make Up For Ever, but for a drugstore foundation, it is the best I've tried for oil control. I used a thin layer of this for a more natural look--using too much can cause it to cake, but a thin layer seems to be the perfect consistency for me. It sets well with a powder on top, and if it only came in a lighter shade I would love this foundation. I do have to blot throughout the day with this foundation, but much less so than with other drugstore foundations I've tried. I find it's good with sensitive skin because my skin feels comfortable with it on and it didn't cause me to breakout.

Takeaway: If you're looking for a cheaper alternative for oil control, try this one.  Consider buying a lighter shade than you normally would, especially if you have oily skin.

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