Friday, April 29, 2011

Food Scoop: Spring Spinach Salad

I was making one of my favorite lunches today and I thought I would share the recipe as my first Food Scoop! I used to buy a very similar salad from the Vons deli, but it is a lot cheaper if you make it yourself.

Ingredients you will need: Baby spinach leaves, a raspberry vinaigrette dressing, walnuts, a pear, and feta cheese. Optional: small red onion. If you're not a vegetarian, you could also prepare some grilled chicken to add to this.

I usually eyeball this to my personal taste, but here are some approx. mesaurements:
~5 oz of Baby Spinach (half of a 10oz bag)
~1/4 cup Walnuts 
~1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
1 Lg Pear
~2 TBSP Raspberry vinaigrette
OPT: 1/2 small red onion

For a less fat version (kind use reduced fat cheese and less dressing.

I usually buy the triple-washed organic baby spinach bag from Trader Joe's. It's always a good idea to rinse it once more in case they missed any dirt, and definitely rinse if you did not buy a pre-washed bag. Core the pear and cut up into small squares. To add an extra kick, cut a small red onion in half, then chop one half up into smaller pieces (I'm not a huge onion lover so sometimes I'll only use a quarter of a small onion, chopped).  Toss spinach, walnuts, onion and pear pieces together.  Drizzle with raspberry vinaigrette--and if using a bowl with a lid, attach lid and shake until ingredients are well coated.  If you prepared grilled chicken, you could add this now. Throw in some crumbled feta cheese on top and enjoy!

Substitutions to customize: if you're not a fan of spinach--personally I think spinach tastes amazing with a raspberry vinaigrette--then choose whatever your favorite salad leaf is; you could also do a strawberry or a berry mix vinaigrette; when I don't have walnuts, I use almonds or cashews; you could sub an apple for the pear, just keep in mind that apples brown once cut and exposed to oxygen, but they're still yummy; if you like a stronger cheese, then you can sub for blue cheese and if you prefer a milder cheese, you could sub for Parmesan, or no cheese at all. Also, if you have some fresh berries laying around, throw them in for extra sweetness.

There's quite a few variations of this out in cyberspace if you're looking for something slightly different.
And just so you know, I usually make big salads because I'm either really hungry or want some leftover to eat with dinner.  Just try to eyeball the ingredients to whatever personal serving size you want if this is too much. I hope you enjoyed this! Happy eating!


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